Medical dispensers

Medical dispensers provide equipment for hospitals, emergency rooms, emergency departments, ambulance services and other healthcare settings. The dispensers are designed to control the flow of air or oxygen delivered to patients undergoing oxygen therapy or oxygen-air therapy. This ensures that adequately humidified compressed air or oxygen is delivered to the patient’s airways. 

Our ‘Korgiel’ medical dispensers are characterised by high quality workmanship, modern design and ease and speed of installation for both staff and individual users.

The medical dispensers can be mounted to the gas point by means of AGA, DIN plugs or on a rail by connecting a drain to the gas delivery point. The gas flow rate is adjusted using a knob while moistening the oxygen with distilled water from the humidifier during dispensing, ensuring that the patient receives adequately moistened compressed air or oxygen. The flow of oxygen or air is indicated by a ball placed in the rotameter or manometer.

We are a manufacturer of “Korgiel” medical dispensers rotametric and step dispensers differing in the way the control valve works. Medical rotametric dispensers work smoothly and precisely. Step dispensers work in steps, covering the most frequently used substance dosing parameters.

Appropriate selection of materials, more than 30 years of experience in the medical industry and Polish production in a modern machinery park are the solutions that contribute to the high durability of our medical dispensers, minimal risk of failure and mechanical damage.

The guaranteed safety in the use of our medical dispensers is confirmed by ISO 13485 and CE certification for the manufacture of medical devices.