Quality policy

As the  manufacturer of medical equipment, ZPUH KORGIEL’s overriding and strategic objective is to ensure the highest quality of the medical devices it produces.

The quality of the activities undertaken is measured by achieving full customer satisfaction with the least negative impact on the environment from the production processes.

ZPUH KORGIEL’s quality objective is to manufacture and supply medical devices that:

  • meet customer needs and expectations,
  • are modern, reliable and safe,
  • are made on the basis of proven technologies using materials and raw materials of high and proven quality,
  • are manufactured  under monitored and efficient processes that meet environmental protection requirements,
  • are competitively priced and ensure optimisation of the company’s economic and financial performance,
  • comply with statutory and regulatory requirements,
  • are delivered within the agreed deadlines.

In order to implement the above Quality Policy:

  • market needs are analysed and customer satisfaction is surveyed,
  • close cooperation is established with suppliers and customers,
  • the medical, hygienic and technical safety of the medical equipment in relation to users, patients and third parties is ensured,
  • continuous improvements are made to production processes and working methods through the implementation of new technologies and the modernisation of production and measurement equipment,
  • systematic reviews of the Quality Management System are carried out and a process of continuous improvement is conducted to ensure the declared level of quality of the manufactured equipment,
  • the skills of employed staff are improved through systematic training, at every organisational level, increasing awareness, motivation and commitment to quality objectives,
  • the company’s market position as a professional manufacturer and reliable partner for its customers.

The Management of ZPUH KORGIEL creates all conditions for the Company’s name to be associated with reliability, punctuality and professionalism and ensures that the implementation of the above Quality Policy is the subject of constant concern and commitment of all employees. Furthermore, the Management provides the organisation, technical and economic means necessary to achieve the quality objectives and actively participates in the implementation of the above Policy.

ZPUH KORGIEL’s management is responsible for adopting, implementing and maintaining the effectiveness of the Quality Policy and making it more specific so that the declared quality objectives are fully achieved.

The objectives of the Quality Policy are known to all employees and they take responsibility for their implementation.

This policy, was established on 19.03.2018.