Gas delivery points

Medical gas delivery points are key equipment in operating theatres, resuscitation rooms and intensive care wards. The role of delivery points is to collect medical gases and vacuum, with connection to the terminal units of piping systems, and to connect and disconnect quickly and faultlessly from systems supplied with gases and vacuum. Thus, they prevent particles from the system from entering the gas receiving equipment and the central vacuum system.

KORGIEL” delivery points ensure fast and trouble-free disconnection and connection to gas- and vacuum-powered systems. They are characterised by high quality workmanship, modern design and ease and speed of installation for personnel.

Our product range includes ambulance delivery points – designed for installation in specialised ambulance bodies. Surface-mounted medical gas delivery points for mounting on a wall where there is a supply from the central medical gas and vacuum network. As well as flush-mounted medical gas delivery points, which are mounted on a wall where there is a supply from a central medical gas network and vacuum. KORGIEL” delivery points are manufactured in the AGA, DIN system.

The right choice of materials, our more than 30 years of experience in the medical industry and Polish production in modern machinery are the solutions that contribute to the high durability of our medical gas delivery points, minimal risk of failure and mechanical damage.

The guaranteed safety in the use of our medical gas delivery points has been confirmed by ISO 13485 and CE certificates authorising the manufacture of medical devices.