Suction regulators

Suction regulators are key equipment in operating theatres, resuscitation rooms and intensive care wards. The role of suction regulators is to measure and regulate the vacuum level in the context of medical suction.

Our suction regulators are characterised by high quality workmanship, modern design and ease and speed of installation for personnel. Our product range includes vacuum and pressure suction regulators, i.e. injectors.

KORGIEL suction regulators are equipped with couplings or plugs for the AGA, DIN vacuum point. A knob for setting the suction force, a vaccuometer with an adjustable scale reading angle of 0-360° and a quick-open-close valve.

The right choice of materials, our more than 30 years of experience in the medical industry and Polish production in modern machinery are the solutions that contribute to the high durability of our suction regulators, minimal risk of failure and mechanical damage.

The guaranteed safety in the use of our suction regulators has been confirmed by ISO 13485 and CE certification for the manufacture of medical devices.